About me

My name is Dr Mark McKerracher, and I work as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Oxford’s School of Archaeology.Picture of Mark

I am an archaeologist, with particular interests in:

  • Anglo-Saxon and medieval archaeology
  • Archaeobotany (the study of anciently preserved plant remains)
  • The history and archaeology of farming
  • Information technology in archaeology

Once upon a time, the last of these might have seemed an odd addition, ‘computer archaeology’ being a rather niche and experimental area within the study of the historic environment.

That situation has long since changed. The enormous amounts of data produced in modern archaeology require information technology to take a central role. And that’s the theme of this website: putting I.T. centre stage, and looking at issues in archaeology (including Anglo-Saxon and archaeobotanical subjects) through this digital lens.

I currently work on the fantastic Feeding Anglo-Saxon England (FeedSax) project: an ERC-funded project based at the Universities of Oxford and Leicester, which is exploring the development of farming systems in Anglo-Saxon and medieval England using cutting-edge bioarchaeological methods.