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Adam Lightfoot and the Mordant Sleepers


The Witherbey Pestilence. The Grit. The Grey Plague. It had many names, and it was slowly killing our parish, soul by soul.

Adam Lightfoot front cover

Witherbey languishes in the grip of a crippling plague, and Harriet Wren fears the loss of everyone she loves. How can Adam Lightfoot, a mysterious foundling boy with startling blue eyes, save them from the pestilence?

Meanwhile, a strange new medicine is spreading through the land, administered in secret by sinister, dark-robed doctors. Harriet and Adam set out to investigate, and discover the horrific truth behind the Brotherhood of Mordant Sleepers.

A gripping fantasy adventure, available to buy online:

The Oxford Rodent: Collected Adventures of Filbert Nibble


Well, shiver my whiskers! If it ain't a bumper collection of rats' tales!

Filbert Nibble front cover

Meet Filbert Nibble, the cheeky rodent chappy who knows Oxford like the back of his paw.

This book brings together, for the first time in one volume, 16 pun-packed adventures featuring Filbert and his highly-educated pigeon pal, the Dove'nor.

Join Filbert, the Dove'nor, and a host of other curious creatures - from mischievous squirrels to disgruntled sheep and a surprisingly hairy walrus - for a veritable menagerie of unexpected escapades around the dreaming spires and beyond.

Fun tales for the discerning pigeon, available to buy online: